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"Tubby" by permission of  Tabatha Corbin.
Tell everyone I said Hi and that I miss them. Tab  :^)

Fuzzy lops have the biggest, most robust heads of any breed. When I look at a fuzzy, ideally, I would like to see them with as much width between the ears as possible. The head needs to be wide at the brow, nose, and muzzle. I would be willing to bet that the AFL head is not that much (if at all) bigger/broader than that of a Holland Lop; however, the wool gene (extension of the hairs) tends to cause a lengthening of the 'normal' fur found on the extremities (ie. head). This longer fur on the head extenuates the width of the overall head in proportion to length of the head.

There are really three components to the crown: Position, depth, and width. The crown must be placed high enough on the head that it allows the ears to remain on the sides of the head. Crowns placed too far back are referred to as 'slipped'. Depth of crown is the width of crown from front to back. A crown that lacks depth will not allow the ears to be as open and tends to cause a crease or fold in the ear. Width of crown is the width from side to side; impacting ear control.

Ears have three components as well: Shape, substance, and texture. Shape should be self explanatory. Substance is the thickness of ear, and texture is impacted to some degree by the substance. The ear should be pliable, not coarse, well furred, with thick substance to maintain shape and balance with the bone/bold nature of the overall type.   


Corbin's Flash

The fuzzy lop head is worth 30 points and the ears an additional 10 points for a total of 40 points out of 75 for General Type (body and feet only total 35 points).  

-Flat face
-Massive head.
Well filled wide muzzle
-Ears hang straight down
-Lots of width between the eyes


- Lots of width across the top of head.
- Lots of width across forehead.
- Lots of width across the eyes.
- Well filled muzzle

Under the "Head" section of the Fuzzy Lop Standards it does say that at the base of the head there should be good width, and continue down with good width between the eyes.
The Fuzzy lop's head should be positioned middle way on the body and appear to have no neck. 

Photos of "Sarge, Willow and WW2"  by permission of  Tabatha Corbin.


The fuzzy lop when viewed from the side should appear to be round with a flattened face and continue to round. 

Photo of "madden" by permission of  Tabatha Corbin.



Above is Fun Fur's Hooters as a Jr. and his Sire BT's Hoover.  

A Fuzzy lops ears are supposed to be;
- flat 
- wide
- well-rounded 
- covered in regular fur ears.
- ear base (top of ear) should be slightly flattened
- in proportioned to the rabbit's head (Hooters still needs to grow in to them)

They should displaying a length between to 1 inch below the jaw line and no ear control when relaxed.

In the fuzzy lop standards under EAR Faults; It says the crown should not be slipped. Therefore without actually saying it, the ears should be positioned right behind the eye. Space between the eye and ear is considered a sign of a slipped crown.


Right; Photo of "Tubby" by permission of Tabatha Corbin.

The crown is mentioned very little in the Fuzzy lop standard of Perfection.

Under the EARS section it only says it's desired. 

The crown is not mentions in the HEAD section of the fuzzy lop standard.

In the fuzzy lop guide book (page 116) states that a fuzzy lop crown should not be prominent. Then an amendment in 2001-2005 says a crown is desired. I'm not sure if it is amending the Prominent reference.
No other information is given nor what is desired. The definition of Prominent is protruding. Prominent in Holland lops refers to the dense band of hair on the top of its head. 

Under the Fuzzy lop standards "Ear faults" it says a slipped crown is a fault.

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