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Summer Newsletter 2008


Over the years I've rescued and hand raised Calves, squirrels, rabbits, kittens, raccoons etc. 
This spring I volunteered at a wildlife rehab center.

Click here to view photos of some 
of the rehab critters I fed this spring.

Hand Feeding Orphaned kits

 Raising Orphan kits can be time consuming and the first 2-3 weeks are the hardest. When hand-feeding orphaned bunnies be prepared for Aspiration pneumonia, hypothermia, diarrhea, bloat and faders. There really isn't much you can do if the above mentioned happens and it does happen frequently. If you lose a kit, just know that you did all you could, with the best intentions and some things are out of your hands.  All you can do is provide the chance for survival the rest is up the the kit.     
Hand feeding Orphaned Kits >

I find when hand feeding Orphans that each animal is an individual. The advice above is a guideline but as you will see in Fiji's story I had to adapt to the bunnies needs.

 FIJI's Story >

What to expect when showing at Convention.

I wrote this article a few days after I returned from convention in the hopes of helping first time convention attendees.
Convention Tips >

Fuzzy Lop Head Type

After my first newsletter on body type I had a few people ask me to do an article on the Fuzzy lop head. There is a lot of confusion regarding things like ear length.
Fuzzy Lop Head and Ears >

Fuzzy lops vs. Holland lops >

New Hope for Faders

Every rabbitry has to deal with faders. The kits that don't thrive, fade away to poor condition and die.
There was a lot of promising work using sulfamethazine (brand name Sulmet). Some vets and breeders felt that a lot of faders where caused by coccidia parasites or illness and sulmet being the treatment. I found this was helpful advice a couple years back with a litter that I was having trouble with. The kits where much older approx 5 to 6 weeks old.
Last year I had trouble with very young kits 2-3 weeks old. I was afraid to treat kits that young with sulmet. So I tried this new approach and it worked wonders. I think in the future I'll try it first and then Sulmet second.

New research into faders >


There are many different types of Probiotics products on the market. I found one researcher that said Lactobacillus is not a helpful rabbit bacteria because it's more a milk bacteria and questioned if any live bacteria survive the stomach acid. However I found that article left more questions unanswered than answered. It didn't go into how they tested, when, how many products they tested, or what bacteria they did find in a rabbit's digestive tract. 

Most Probiotics today claim to lower the PH levels and have methods to allow enough live bacteria to live passed the stomach acid. 
Some studies show that even though Lactobacillus is not present in adult rabbits, this bacteria maybe extremely useful in soothing an inflamed intestine. 
The altered PH level may help retard the growth of toxic (bad) bacteria strains such as e-coli. 

Feeding Rabbits Probiotics >


Great Websites

The Rabbit Geek
Free building plans for a portable grooming table.


Netherland Dwarf National Website
Wooden cages
Joe T. Powers


Mother Earth News
Free Outdoor rabbit hutch plans


How to build a really great outdoor hutch system. 

Build a hutch


Free, complete building plans for an 8'x 8' Gable Shed Plans.

Brey Family
Very cute how build an indoor bunny condo


Blue Prints For Commercial Rabbit Barn

Really cool SPCA in India 
It houses 800 animals.
Check out the Photo Gallery section.


LUS AgCenter
Commercial Rabbit Housing 
Cage Shelter Plans. 

New Website:

I have an educational website about the rabbit. It contains a look at the natural history of the rabbit, with an emphasis on the wild European rabbit. In addition, the site also has many pictures which
can be used as desktop wallpaper, and a fun quiz to test your
knowledge of rabbits. 
My url is:
Yours sincerely,
Joshua Fall


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