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Kit Savers
Make an Emergency Microwave Heating Pad 

If you don't have an electric heat pad or a hot water bottle you can make these microwaveable bags in an emergency. They are great for warming cold kits.

These bags can be used hot or cold. I keep them in the freezer and use as a cold press or heat them in the microwave for warm applications.


I use a clean cotton or wool sock. I find these are difficult to cover a cold kit with but in an emergency they are fast and I can have one on hand. 
(Depending on your brand of microwave) I heat a sock with one cup rice for 1-2 minutes. Mix heated rice around in the sock to make sure there are no really hot spots. 
I make an indent in sock and put kit on the sock. 
I cover the kit with wool from the nest box to help keep heat in.

For a heating pad, simply sew two cotton facecloths together.
Avoid manmade fabrics, they may melt or burn when heated.

You can use the following for filling:

Uncooked rice
Feed corn
Buckwheat hulls
Flax seed
Fabric Options: 
Wool or Cotton 


In an emergency you can use old socks. just knot end closed.

Ziploc now makes a Microwave/freezer bag. You can put a cup of rice in Microwave ziploc bag and zap it for 1-2 minutes. Then wrap a towel over it.

Make a bunch of them. Heat and throw in a nest box with some bunny wool to warm cold kits.


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