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Fuzzy Lop Kit Types

Figure A. Can have a large head but will have a slightly longer muzzle, slightly longer body, and look like photos of kits in other breeds of rabbit. You would have a difficult time telling this kit from a photo of a Mini Rex kit, polish kit, or other none wide headed breed.  

Figure B. kits are extremely short, compact, fat, with large round almost dome heads much like a peanut's head, unlike a peanut they have a wide short muzzle and generous folds of skin were a neck would be.

Figure C. is a peanut. They are normally smaller than their litter mates. They have bulging eyes and a dome shaped head and small muzzle. Peanuts are born with two dwarf genes and die a few days after birth. 

Figure D. Is a large fetal giant. This kit will be born long and stretched. It's head will often be elongated from being pushed through the birth canal. They are born dead or die shortly after birth. 
A fetal giant is due to prolonged gestation, a kit born with no dwarf gene or a doe that's been overfed high protein or rich feed.
If the mother is overfed rich food or high protein foods sometimes the kits grow very large while still inside their mother. A kit can grow large by going over their due date. Going over their due date is more common in older does at the end of their productivity. 

Some breeders give the older does a dose of Oxytocin on or just before their due date to avoid this problem. Oxytocin is a vet prescribed drug and is a bit controversial. I'm told if the doe isn't in labor or isn't close to labor that the Oxytocin dosage won't work. If Oxytocin is given and causes too strong contractions before the doe is dilated or if a kit is stuck, it can cause injury or fatality. I'll leave it to the vets.

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