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              Breeding REW colored rabbits.            

Grand Champion Linnea's Cowboy  
Sire Lov's Tsunami X Dam: Linnea's Mabel

REW is short for Ruby Eyed White. You may hear breeders call them REW (Roo) for a nickname. Example "That's a nice Roo you've got there".
They are rabbits with the Albino gene and hide their true color. The Albino Gene isn't so much a color as it is a color hiding gene. 

What colors should you breed your REW too?
It depends on what colors are in it's pedigree. 
If you don't have a pedigree it is always safe to breed it to a Blue or a Black rabbit. 
You don't want to breed a REW who has a pedigree full of shaded colors (Sable point, Siamese sables, Smoke pearl) to a REW with Agouti colors like (Chestnut, Opal, Chinchilla etc.). 
You wouldn't normally breed a rabbit from shaded group of colors to a rabbit in the agouti group of colors. It would cause problems with un-showable colors, wrong undercoat colors, rabbits born with both shading and the ear and eye lacing of the Agouti group. It would be worse if you breed two REW this way because all the kits would be born white but be hiding all these color problems. When it comes time to breed the rabbit born white from the aforementioned parents, could have the odd colored offspring mentioned above.

My Holland lop (Linnea's Cowboy) is a REW. He has lots of Sable point in his pedigree.
When I breed him to a solid colored doe such as Black or Blue, I get Smoke Pearl, Sable point and the odd Siamese sable kit.
Genetically speaking; The gene which results in Albino prevents the body from making the usual amounts of the pigment called melanin. Therefore Albino rabbits are rabbits who's color is not expressed. Cowboy seen below does produce colored offspring when I breed him to a doe who does not carry the albino gene.

Cowboy's dam was a sable point and his sire was a sable point.
It is safe to say that both parents where Albino gene carriers which resulted in cowboy's appearance.

The nice thing about having REW is that the kits are either born REW or whatever color combinations the parents would normally produce without the REW gene. In cowboys case he produces shaded colors. You don't have to deal with un-showable kits like you do when breeding Blue Eyed White rabbits called Vienna Marked.

Any doe I breed Cowboy to, must carry the Albino gene or none of  the kits will be born Albino, but they will all be 100% REW carriers. 
If I breed a daughter back to Cowboy in theory half the kits would be Albion.

Bred to: Cowboy (Albino) he carriers two Albino genes
Doe with no Albino gene 100% Albino carriers but no albino kits; the kits will get one albino gene from cowboy and no Albino gene from mom.
Doe Carriers one Albino gene 50% Albino Kits and half Albino carriers; Kits will all get an albino gene from cowboy and may or may not get the Albino gene from mom.
Albino Doe has two Albino genes 100% Albino Kits, they'll have two Albino genes, One from Cowboy and one from the Doe

White Rabbit by http://www.kyoht.com/

A REW pops up when the circumstances are right and both parents are carriers.
The gene can hide for many generations.
You do tend to get more REW showing up in Sable points, Siamese sable, Smoke pearl, and Pointed white then other colors. This is due to an old belief that breeding a REW to a shaded rabbit (tort not included) would increase your chances of getting Siamese sable or Smoke pearl. 
I don't know if breeding REW to shaded to get Siamese sable or Smoke pearl, helps or not. 
I do know that if I breed a Point white (they have ruby eyes) or a REW to any of my dilute chocolate or lilac rabbits I get some very weird eye colors. Chocolate and lilac colored rabbits are suppose to have a ruby glow to the eyes.
I bred my solid chocolate fuzzy lop to a chocolate pointed white fuzzy lop and got solid chocolate and chocolate chinchilla Kits with lavender/pink/chocolate eyes. The PW Doe had silver marten and agouti colors 4 generations back in the pedigree and I guess she still carried it because I was shocked to get chin from that breeding. Not being able to avoid the weird eye color after breeding her to two different chocolate bucks, I sent her to a pet home.
A year later I bred Cowboy (REW) to a solid chocolate doe ( I had requests for colorful pet holland lop bunnies) so I gave it a try, I wouldn't normally do this color paring and the result were kits with the same lavender/pink/chocolate eyes as I got with the Pointed white doe.

The Chocolate photo is blurry but you get a sense of how weird the eye color is. The photo on the right of the chocolate chin, the eyes really looked like that. That's the color I get when I cross dilute with ruby eyes.

Above is another chocolate chin with the same weird eyes.

Most breeders don't mind REW in the pedigree. But if I were to use REW as a herd buck I would find I'd get more REW offspring than I would care for. I'd also have a hard time figuring out what color the REW offspring were hiding. It can get confusing very quickly. Especially if I breed two REW parents. I would have to get the kit genetically tested or do a bunch of test breeding to figure out what the kit's actual coat color blanketed under the REW white coat.

REW's are not as popular as BEW. Many people don't like the Ruby glow. They seem to associate it with too many horror movies. I get requests for white rabbits without Ruby eyes. Which would be BEW and I don't breed BEW. I do get Ermine from my Chinchillas that are almost all white with brown or grey eyes.

Below is an ermine kit with brown eyes.

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