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Keep Your Rabbitry Cool



A tarp that is stretched a foot or two above the rabbitry roof helps keep the shed cool.
The sun beats down on the tarp instead of the rabbitry roof. Heat dissipates between the space between the tarp and roof instead of heating the rabbitry.

You can go to the dollar store and buy the silver foil sheets to reflect the
sun from your car dashboard. These will reflect the sun and heat from the rabbitry roof and/or the wall of the rabbitry which gets the most afternoon sun.

Make sure your rabbits have protection from sun while they are indoors as well. Windows can allow the sun to shine through it at different times of the day and onto your rabbit. 
The sun through the window may only effect a single cage during high noon.
The rabbit may not be able to get out of the sun because it's cage doesn't allow it. This applies to basement windows as well. So when you go out in the evening when the sun is facing elsewhere to find a rabbit suffering from heat exhaustion and you have no idea what is wrong with it. 
Cotton Curtains over your rabbitry windows will filter the direct sun light and reflect the heat somewhat.

You can put slate, granite, marble or ceramic tiles in the cages for the rabbits to lay on, it will help them stay cool.

Many breeders invest in an air conditioner with thermostat and set the temp to 75
degrees. It only comes on if it's hot. They're around $150.00 to $200.00.

Some breeders use what's called a Swamp cooler. It is a fan system that uses water to dampen and cool the air. They are very inexpensive to use and are general inexpensive to buy. They now come in a more portable version that doesn't require installation.

Ice cubes in the water dishes.

Some breeders freeze water bottles and put them in the cages on hot days.

On hot days at the shows I would fill the carrier trays with ice cubes and put a towel over the carriers. Even better was putting ice cubes in freezer bags and putting them on top of the carriers with a towel over it. The warm air cools and is trapped in the carrier by the towel. The rabbits are really comfortable. The only problem is the ice melts quickly and I used puppy pads under the freezer bags to absorb any water dripping from condensation.

You can buy cage fans that run on batteries from e-bay or dog groomer/ dog shows suppliers.
Bringing electric fans aren't practical since most breeders need the electrical outlets for dog blowers or fans for the show tables.
I've been to some shows were it's so hot the fans don't offer much relief. 
The Ice cubes have probably saved my rabbits from heat exhaustion more than once.




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