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Fun Fur's Halo

Placed 31 out of 68 entries
24 exhibitors

The Judge loved this baby. Greg West said if she was a month older he'd have placed her at the top of the class.
She is only 10 weeks old and still very tiny.
He loved her type and especially her unusual thick adult type chin coat. 
Her coat was 100% finished and she looked like a big dandelion.
Comments include Promising head, Very good type and Nice baby.
This doe and my broken chin doe (who I scratched after she molted at convention under the stress) were my favorites for this convention out of all my bunnies.
I love this doe and I can't wait to show her at next years convention.

Fun Fur's
6th place out of 68 entries
28 exhibitors

Hooter's placing was a big surprise too me.
I went to his cage and the results were there, I didn't even get to see him being judged. The fuzzy lops where on two tables and I was a runner for one of the tables.
He had just started to get his adult coat and I was thrilled when I found out he had placed.
The Judge "Jeff Jewett" said he had very good type and he had good flesh but his coat was uneven.
Hooters is by BT's Hoover, a buck Meredith gave me last winter, Hoover is back at Meredith's visiting his ex-wives. Even though Hoover's son Hooters is technically my breeding, I still consider Hooters to be Meredith's grand baby that placed at convention. I can't take all the credit for him. Thanks Meredith please give Hooter's dad, Hoover, a pat on the back for me.

Fun Fur's Kiki
6th place out of 62 entries
24 exhibitors

I really need to update this photo.
She still had a very soft baby coat so I was thrilled when she placed. So many judges through the rabbits with the baby coats off the table first, regardless of their type. Kiki looks very different from this earlier photo of her.  She has a very soft baby coat now so I was waiting for a better coat to come it.
The judges seem to really like her though
She has 2 BOB legs and now has placed 6th at convention.


Fun Fur's Silver Bullet
Placed 21 out of 71 entries
27 exhibitors

I was very surprised Bullet made it that far.
He had some molting issues on the top of his head and the skirting was still his baby coat. 
Bullet is just under 1 year old. 
He was close to having a finished coat however with chins it's pretty hard to hide the fact.
He was the only "colored" rabbit left on the table. There where two blues and the rest where torts and sable points after that.
The judge said bullet was the last rabbit left with an unfinished coat in that class. The only faults the judge really had to say about him where molting related. 
Next year......
Corbin's Anna
Placed 26
out of 73 entries
27 exhibitors

Anna wanted to show with the Holland lops at convention. Maybe go visit her Campo mom?

Comments where head to high! LOL LOL 
No kidding, the story of her life.
I'll get her to calmed down for next year.
She poses like a Fuzzy lop in her cage and I can get her to calm down and pose nicely for me but I need to get her to relax at the shows. 

Fun Fur's Star Buck

Star Buck was shown in the Broken Sr. Doe class
I'm not sure what happened there since my paperwork shows him in the Sr. Buck Class. Oh well.
I showed a Broken Chin doe I was picking up from Ryan Sells. Zoey didn't place, she was very pretty but not quite finished. She's now bred and headed for North Carolina. I think she could kick my butt on the show table once she was finished.
By next year I may come to regret letting her go.


Well that's it. That's all  the bunnies I actually showed at convention. 
It was a great experience and I hope to have more to show at Kentucky. 
My family ran some really big thoroughbred horse ranches out in California 
so I would love to tour the farms at Kentucky. I can't wait!!!!!




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