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Glossary of Show and breeder terms

BIS         Best in Show 
RIS         Reserve in Show
BOB       Best of Breed
BOSB    Best Opposite Sex of Breed
BOV       Best of Variety
BOSV    Best Opposite Sex of Variety
BOG      Best of Group
BOSG   Best Opposite Sex of Group


Legs a win with a minimum 3 breeders and 5 rabbits with on DQ's

DQ's Disqualifications

GC Grand Champion; three legs with at least one leg won as a SR.
Must be registered. Therefore a Fuzzy lop with a Holland Lop Can never become a Grand Champion no matter how many legs they win.

Sr. A rabbit that is at least six months old. To show a SR. they must be 4 pounds or less.

Jr. A Fuzzy lop that is under six months old, over 1.5 pounds and under 3.5 pounds

HL Holland lop; a Fuzzy lop with Holland lops in it's pedigree can be shown but not registered or apply for a Grand Champion certificate. Many of the best fuzzy lops have Holland in their pedigree.

AFL American Fuzzy lop

ARBA American Rabbit Breeders Association

A good site for Breed Standard of Perfection, Scheduled Sanctioned shows and Sweepstakes Reporting (who has the most points for Herdsman of the year and fuzzy lop of the year etc. and Fuzzy lop Members Directory. Note not all top Fuzzy lop breeders choose to be a member of the club so the top fuzzy lop report standings are for members only. But it is a good place to for a beginner to start.  With your first membership you get a soft cover book full of Fuzzy lop information and a subscription to Fuzzy tails magazine sent out a few time a year.

http://users. connections. net/fuzzylop/

The largest ARBA Rabbit show of the year.
Hosted in different states each year.

A piece of paper with three generations of a rabbit's family tree.
Includes Rabbit names, weight, color, tattoo's, Reg. numbers, GC cert numbers, how many legs each rabbit won (if any).

Registration Certificate
Is Proof that the rabbit meets the minimum fuzzy lop requirements
The fuzzy lop must be free of disqualifications, it's pedigree must be completed with all weights, color and parentage filled out and all rabbits on pedigree must be fuzzy lops. The rabbit must be tattooed in it's right ear. A registration tattoo will be place in the left ear by the registrar upon the rabbit passing inspection.
Red, white and blue pedigree. All rabbit on the pedigree are registered. I've never seen one in a Fuzzy lop, but I have seen them in Jersey woolies.

a person that has belong to the ARBA for three consecutive years and has under gone training in typing all breeds of rabbits towards the minimum standard of perfection requirements. Most registrars go on to become judges.


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