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Rabbit playpens for your home and yard.

I make very inexpensive Rabbit Playpens from the white wire closet shelving you can get at Home Depot and Wal-Mart.

I buy the short 14" width shelving for my baby bunnies so they can come upstairs and play.
It costs approximately $24.00 to make a 4'X 4'Playpen.
It's light enough so that my daughter can set it up when she wants to play with her rabbits. For the larger rabbits and for outdoor use, I get the wider White wire shelving. It weighs more so my daughter needs help.

The single panels of shelving are not high enough to leave the rabbit unsupervised. It's great that you can buy it in 12'and 16 foot lengths.
You can set it up in minutes in your backyard, your child can step over the wire and play with the bunny without a leash needed.
You can fold it up and put it out of the way when you're done.

Above is the shelving being put to good use. The green PVC tubes I find discarded at construction sites. Bunnies really love them. Some will sit inside them and rock back and forth.

For Higher Playpens you can take two shelves and fasten them onto a 2 X 2 board and make a panel. The rabbit should have a hard time jumping over it, if they try at all.
With any outdoor playpen, you need to consider predators like Hawks, Dogs and Cats that think that a bunny makes a good snack. At night you need to worry about raccoons and possum (Opossum), they too will eat a rabbit, or at least part of it. 

Below is a photo of two panels fastened (one above the other) to a small 2" X 2" Board. This makes a VERY strong panel. You could custom build a very nice cage this way too.

I go to the fabric store and buy a couple yards of the vinyl picnic table cloth material. I use it to protect my hardwood floor. I lay down the vinyl table cloth and then put the wire playpen over it. The rabbits run around in my living room in their playpen. I don't have to worry about rabbits under the couch, chewing wire or peeing in the corners on the room. It is difficult to litter box train an entire rabbitry. To much territorial stuff going on.


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