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Litter box Training Your Bunny

You can use the Rabbit playpens to slowly teach your house bunny to use a litter box. Use the playpen in the corner of the room where the litter box is going to be.

The bunny can play in the playpen for two to three weeks before taking the next step.

This will make the bunny feel more attached to that area of the house and more willing to mark his territory in the litter box.

Only When bunny consistently uses his litter box then you can open the playpen and let him run around the house for a short period of time at first. A few minutes at first.

Let the time he spends out of his playpen get gradually longer until you no longer need the playpen.

Always make the time the bunny spends in the play pen longer than the time he spends roam free. This will condition your bunny to feel more territorial towards the area you picked instead of an area he picks. He will want to use his litter box where you put it.

If bunny has an accident, never hit the bunny or rub his nose in the pee.

Your rabbit will not understand this type of training.

He'll only become aggressive or fearful. you risk making him sick with the bacteria from the pee too. Rabbit can't breath from their mouth like dogs and Cats. So a stuffy nose can be serious.

Instead redo the playpen training for a couple days.

Always making the time the bunny spends in the playpen longer than the time he spends roaming free.

A little pee on some shaving place in the litter box will encourage the bunny to pee there.

A tiny amount of pee from a person or other rabbit put in his litter box will make him VERY motivated to pee in it himself in order to mark and claim his territory.

He will check the litter box frequently to see if anyone has challenged him (peed there).

Dog and cat pee is not recommended because they can carry tape worms and there is no cure for a rabbit with tape worms.



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