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Bunny Toys

Wood chews, Hanging toys, and Loofah sponge chews


Toss toys made from shreddable paper, sisal rope and loofah sponge.
Hanging neon acrylic rattles found in the bird section of the Pet store can be expensive but are great for bunnies and last a very long time.


Food packaged in plain brown paper bags. I tear the bag up and make paper balls for all my bunnies. They dig, toss and shred them. The balls eventually end up in the water dishes and I chuck them out. But it's very cute watching them so interested in this simple toy and gives them hours of fun. It's like giving a kid a cardboard box.

Dollar stores are a good source for toys. I buy hard plastic baby teething key rings and rattles. In the toy section of the dollar store you'll find colorful linking rings that form a chain. I hang them from the cages. 


Toys like these linking parrot toys are great for bunnies. Similar children's linking toys can be found at the dollar store and Good Will bins for a lot less.


Paper towel/toilet paper rolls, you can even fill those with hay and the bunnies will have a good time shredding them.

Go to Good Will stores & rummage through the boxes they have of 25 cent toys. you can find old baby rattles, plastic balls with things inside of them that the rabbits love to play with. 

You can also by ping pong & wiffle balls by the bag at Target and Wal-mart stores in the sporting goods section. My rabbits love the wiffle balls because they can roll them around with their nose, pick them up & throw them. Wiffle balls are hollow practice golf balls with holes in them. I get the ones from Walmart because they are thicker and my guys don't chew them. I bought some at a dollar store and they where much thinner so my kitten ended up getting them. Thin, squishy plastic isn't strong enough for bunnies.

Put a rock or bell in a plastic Easter egg and glue it together.

Buy rope type parrot toys from the pet store. I often find them in the sale bins. Bunnies love to chew and play with the rope. It is very difficult to chew through and I've had no problems with my rabbits ingesting the rope. My six year old buck has always had them and loves the ones with a bell on the end of it.


Rope type Parrot toys suitable for bunnies.


You can go to a Marina (where you buy boat supplies) and buy 100% cotton rope by the foot. You can make your own parrot toys that are bunny safe and save a lot of money. You can simple tie a piece of rope to hang from the top of the cage.

Cardboard boxes, bunnies love to hid in, sit on top of and shred them. I get them from the grocer store.

Buy untreated baskets, willow balls and wreathes from the Craft store like Michael's. They come in untreated willow, and apple branches.

A wooden box. Bunnies love to hide inside and sit on top of them. Mine is made out of pine.  Bunnies will chew it, so I recommend planks instead of ply-wood.

 Make sure that a leg  can't slip into a toy and get caught.  Choose plastic type toys that aren't brittle and won't break off or chip.







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