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Where to buy bunny supplies cheaply

In my opinion the best rabbit pellets Iíve found in Ontario Canada are Dr. Martinís. You can buy Dr. Martin's rabbit pellets at Pet value and Global pet food store. Global pet food also offers some very high quality show bunny food. 
Dr. Martin's rabbit pellets are marketed in two sizes at the pet food store approx $5.99 Medium bag and $11.99 for a large bag.
The sizes are prefect for a pet bunny owner. It comes in two types Alfalfa and Timothy. They don't always carry the Timothy, you may have to ask for it.

Dr. Martin's Timothy is great for maintain a healthy digestive tract and a healthy weight. Either one is a wonderful product, bunnies love it.
I buy it for my old guys and my baby bunnies because it is easy for them to chew.

A bag of rabbit pellets that weighs fifty pounds is $11.99 at a Feed-mill.
You can use the pellets for food and the excess for garden fertilizer. A bag is good for 2 or 3 months.  It is still cheaper then the little bags you get at a pet store. The excess pellets make great compost for your grass and garden. Compost the pellets or sprinkle pellets on the grass and water with a garden hose. The pellets dissolve.

A Large bag of pine shaving at a feed mill costs around $5.00 to $6.00 The pet store costs approx. $11.00 to $12.00. 

You can buy Pelleted pine bedding for approx. $6.00 to $7.00 for a forty pound bag at the feed-mills. Pelleted bedding is one of the best bedding for odor control. Especially with house bunnies. Rabbits must be on a wire bottom Cage to prevent them from eating the pellets. The pellets expand when they get wet and become the texture of coffee grounds. I use them in my gardening afterward.

Pellet bedding


Stall Dry is a great Product.
It will neutralize the ammonia in urine.
No more stinky bunny cage.†
It looks like Kitty litter and has something similar to lime in it.
$15.00 for a forty pound bag.
I use Stall Dry sprinkled over the pelleted pine bedding.

A box of baking soda sprinkled over the bedding works well for odor control (for wire bottom cages). It will neutralize the ammonia in urine.

Most rabbit medications are Approx. $10.00 to $20.00 at the feed-mill.†
Medications include: 
Bag Balm for chapping and rashes
Ivomec paste wormer
Horse probotic (beneficial bacteria)
Pen -G injectable for Wry-neck. 
Sulfamethazine for coccidia parasite, enteritis, 
urinary and respiratory infections. 

Feed-millís bag of pelleted pine shavings that weighs approx. fifty pounds is $5.00 to $6.00.

Pet Store Pelleted bedding made from paper and other things can be as high as $24.00.

A 50 pound bale of hay from a farmer cost Approx $6.00. A small bag at the pet store cost the same. I go to the neighboring farms and ask to buy a garbage bag of hay for $6.00. The Farmers are pretty nice about selling me hay.

I pick the high class horse farms that have jumps, dressage  courses or offer riding lessons, since they will carry the best quality. Expensive warmblood horses don't eat straight Alfalfa hay. They eat a mixed Alfalfa X Grass hay or just Timothy hay. Dairy farmers and thoroughbred race horse breeders will more likely carry pure Alfalfa which can be a little too rich and high in calcium for bunnies. Cattle farms don't require the same quality of hay for their animals, so it may not be good enough for rabbits. 

Cage suppliers will custom build your cage and it will still cost a fraction
of the price a Pet store charges. Above is the price of a local Pet Store
for a 24"X24" cage without urine guards.

Grandview Commercial Rabbitry 
Most breeders buy their cages from http://www.GrandviewRabbitry.com/petcages.html
They are Approx. half the price of pet store cages and are better gauge wire. 
The 24 X 24 with front door, 2" tray and lift up top will cost approx $43.50.
For indoor use, urine guards are recommended $3.75, plus applicable taxes (canít get that at a pet store).
Prices can very a little due to wire prices but I just went to a big pet store and the best they could do was $99.99, the top doesnít lift up and there was no urine guards.

Sleepy Hollow 

You can order a custom cage cheap from Sleepy Hollow.
Sleepy hollow makes a really nice standard cage that is 24" wide X 36" long and 18" High.
I put a shelf in the cage so the moms can wean their babies and get away from them.
It has a wire bottom, a leak proof metal tray and urine guards to prevent peeing on your floor.
Pet store cages fail to have Urine guards and the rabbit pee will ruin your floor.
They charge only $55.00 to $60.00 for this cage.
They deliver cages to the Markham area since they supply the pet stores with the smaller cages. 
They will make a taller cage with shelves to.
It doesn't cost much more.

See my list of feed mills in Ontario for one nearest to you.





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