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Canada Flag Ontario, Canada Rabbit   information

Where to buy bunny supplies cheaply  (Cages and supplies)

Feed-mill Directory for Ontario: Medicine, Feed, and Bedding

Rabbit Veterinarians Directory in Canada

Rabbit Breeders, Shows and Organizations in Ontario


Jessica Lam
Rabbit Photographer
Now you can get your favorite bunny's Portrait done.

PO BOX 5007 RPO Major Mackenzie
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4S 0B7

telephone: (647) 298-1227
website: http://www.studiolapin.ca



Pet Rabbit Information

Children and Bunny safety  (Great advice for everyone)

Living with your bunnies natural habits and behaviors

Bunny Toys

Litter box training your house bunny

Make a Playpen for Approx $24.00

Feeding your bunny right and what to avoid

My top website picks



rabbit_in_grass_md_wht.gif (13290 byte)Breeder & Show information

Breeder, Club and Show Locator

Rabbit Clubs and Show information

Fuzzy Lop Breeders in North America

Holland Lop Breeders in North America

Preparing the Fuzzy lop for show

Fuzzy Lop Body type

Rabbit Conditioning Recipes

Grooming the Fuzzy lop for Show 

Preparing a Fuzzy lop for show

Showing at a Single, Double and Specialty show

Glossary of Show and breeder terms



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thumpbny.gif (1436 byte)Sick Bunny

Information on the most common Rabbit problems.
Prevention is much better than a cure, 
especial when it comes to rabbits.


First aid Kit

Wool Block 

Pasturella (Article coming soon)

Teeth problems 

Wry neck (Article coming soon)

Fur Mites and Ear Mites and Worming

Coccidia in the Intestines, Liver
by Jeffrey R. Jenkins, DVM



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